To my friends,

It seems someone has been messing with my e-mail accounts and

messenger, so I can not receive messages at the moment..

I sometimes receive a notice on FB but when I actually try to open the messages

some of them are being deleted..  and someone seems to have deleted

the explanation regarding this matter from yesterday’s post on this blog…

So I am so sorry if you had sent messages and you have not received any

response and even if you did, they would not be from me since

I have not received personal messages for sometime.

My situation has been like this about a year and I have been absolutely

terrified.  For now, please avoid sending messages to my accounts just not

to be affected by this and if you have a chance, please visit Kiyosu class directly.

I am there from  5 to 8 pm on weekdays till the end of March.

I would very much appreciate your support.

Thank you.