Cyber stalking has gone too far

It’s been some time, but I hope you are doing well.

I think it is time to tell you about the situation I am in now.

So, What has been happening to me since last year….

I have been heavily cyber stalked….

I went to

the police and asked for a help, but the proof I provided was not enough for them to carry out the thorough investigation.

That is the main reason I cancelled all the classes this spring.

I was so scared not knowing what was going on and it took almost 6months to understand and accept the situation I am in now.(I don’t accept what they are doing to me though)

I know who is behind this now, so will take the the legal action when things are ready.

I only realized last year that some of my mails were being read and deleted before they had reached me.

There are many more that I have experienced but won’t write about them because my intention is not to play victim here.

My intention is to let them know that I am ready to take actions if they don’t stop this horrible things that they are doing.

I also need to tell you now that this was a whole reason I changed the e-mail address, the mobile number without any notifications worrying that will make you involved into this crazy situation.

It was so hard for me, but chose to be silent about this and tried to stay at my parents’ and avoided being alone.  I am still at my parents’ and haven’t gone out much at all since this spring.  Yes, it is not only the cyber one that I am experiencing.

Some of my friends who contacted me and invited me to dinner, you don’t know how much encouragement you gave me through this time.

And I have come to the point where I want to stand up for myself and take the necessary actions.

If anyone ever came to see you on my behalf or promised to deliver a message to me, that person is a part of this.  Whoever that is, please give a full investigation on the situation and the credibility of the information you have been given.

I also have never introduced anyone to my friends or job related people through the e-mails, so if you have ever met someone who were introduced by me, please check them thoroughly as well.

I keep my private life private anyway, so if they knew too much about me and my situation, then you would know what they are now…

I don’t have staffs that go to the meetings for me and do the works for me (yet),  so please be informed that if there was anybody who does that is part of the cyber stalking.

I need as much information as possible,  so please let me know about any suspicious people when I meet you.

I am going to take a trip before starting to work again, so I would very much appreciate it if you could meet up with me to discuss about the matter.

Thank you so much for helping me to take back my life.

(If you are in a similar situation to me, please avoid being alone.  Please go to your family or closest friends and just be with them.  You are not alone, so remember that.)


My e-mail address:


Not sure if I can receive the messages, but when you send one, please use the least important account and send several times.

I will let you know that I have read the mail on powercat facebook and talk with you using the tools with a video chat.

Thank you.


I will keep you updated, so please visit this blog sometime.  (This is the only tool I can use now.  I have a mobile phone, but lost trust on that one as well.)