Mika, Jon, Kam and Eric

Thank you so much for contacting me and inviting me to dinner during this time.

I will be thankful to you forever.

You are the dream  ex-coworkers people can  have. (One is the Uni. friend but you all work at the same company.)

Friends over the gender, age and everything are so precious.

Though I could not find the strength to go out back then, once I accepted that I was in this craze now, I feel a lot better.

So I hope I will see you all soon.

And to those who contacted me on messenger, e-mails and phones,

I am sorry it wasn’t my intention to ignore you.  I am just not receiving them.

In fact, I sent a message on messenger to my sister for a test today, and it looked it was sent on my phone but she hasn’t received it on her phone.

I found that someone was sending messages from my instagram account last year, so I feel it might have been the case on FB as well.

Please keep all the fake messages sent from me if you can, I will need them in the future.

And please don’t believe what it says in the messages  till you actually talk with me using a video chat.

newmail0807: yoko yamada is my skype ID.

Please make sure you use a video chat on it as well.

I will work out a way to contact all my friends soon and be connected again, so if you haven’t received a message back from me, the reason is above.

Don’t ever think I am ignoring you.

Because I don’t.

I will  keep you all updated here on this blog, please visit when you have time.

Thank you.


(I have not received any messages about a day out from anyone else apart from those 4 people memtioned above for such a long time.)