3 things

Three things I have decided.

1. To stop thinking about “What if?”s and
instead take baby steps to remove the trolls
out of my life.

The root cause of my fear has been the lack of knowledge on the world of computers and
if you know the cause, I think the solution is always with you.

I will say goodbye to my old self whose heart
started to beat faster and the hands started
to shake just by turning on the phone or the

2. To embrace the differences.

Yes, I have chosen a completely different path to most of the women around me and it is sometimes difficult to fit in to “the groups”, but decided not to care any longer.

3. To do good rather than do well.

There are many things I’d like to do for the
little ones in the future, so I will spend my time to prepare for the next chapter of my life.

I thought of quitting powercat all together,
but a few students’ mothers have changed my mind.

They sent me e-mails to inform me that their
children had passed the language proficiency
test and told me that they would be waiting for
me to resume the lessons.

What an honor.

So I will fight against all the trolls and
when I am ready, I will COME BACK.

Hopefully next spring.

Here is to you, dad.