People say,

“To conquer the fear, you must face it.”

Ok, so I will start off with learning about windows
and PHP.

I read some helpful engineers’ blogs that are full of technical terms…

and now I know…

it will take timeto fully understand what they
are writing…

but the good news is that most of the
terms are English, so I can guess what they

Besides, from the experience I created Powercat Kiyosu’s home page years ago, html looks quite
familiar to me. So that’s a plus.

(To be totally honest, I don’t really know what
html is, but I know it decides how the web site looks.)

As that famous man once said, I learned that
you can not connect the dots by looking ahead.
You can only connect the dots by looking back.


If I had asked a company to create a website
for me back then, if I had not known English words, I couldn’t have faced the fear.