Thank you.

Things that helped me releasing pent up
negative energy.

Sport news:
The news especially about Naomi Oska, Takuma Sato and Yuzuru Hanyu have brought a lot of light to me. I see them as angels on earth now.

Trevor Noah’s “Born a crime” was the first book I ever read about a South African boy and his life through his own eyes. You will laugh and cry with him if you read it and he is funny.

My sister has been a great help to me as well. Once my friend said, ” Yoko, I think your sister is the funniest person I have ever met.” It was bitter sweet….
It was bitter because that title, the funniest person, was what everyone wanted in my circle of friends and I was one of them. It was sweet because I thought it wasn’t only me who felt that way. Anyway, she points to a funny picture and shows it to me without saying a word after mid night as if she knew when the gesture is the most effective. She being herself has healed me a lot through this time.

Sugar rush always works 🙂

Thank you.