A few more

A few more things that helped me a lot.

Hobby takes your mind off your problem.
Making ear rings and bracelets for my sister,
my aunt and me did so.

My aunt seemed happy when I gave her some of
what I made, but I wasn’t sure if she really was
or being polite, but when I bumped into her
in the city, she was wearing them.

That made me really happy. Crafting brings joy
when you work on it, when you give them as a gift
and when you see people wearing them.

I was going to write about the importance of resting on yesterday’s post, but forgot it!

So here you go.

When something you can’t process very well mentally not knowing what is happening, it is best to go within as long as the time permits.

Sometimes you receive the very important
message through your dreams and that could become a game changer for you.

If you are in similar situation to me, just close
your eyes and take a nap or sleep longer at night.

I know it would be impossible not to think about
the problems, so I say “Think in your dreams while
you are sleeping.”

Because dreams do the thinking for you and
bring clarity to your mind.

And you realize that you were simply worrying about your worries, not the actual problems.