La matador Y

So I have changed the handling name of this blog.

El matador must mean the male bull fighter in Spanish and I put la instead of el which suggests it be a feminine word in French( I am not familiar with Spanish, so…).

Yes, I am mentally getting ready.

To the male perpetrators:  You will see mine is bigger than yours this year onwards.

I am talking about the heart.  What did you think it was that I was talking about?  Think.


To the female perpetrators:  I hope you’ll find better things to do in life.  You might think your actions are trivial, but they have the big impact on your own lives in the future.  So watch what you do as you go because you are creating the cause of the reality you must face in the future.  So done enough behind my back?


To those in similar situation to mine:  I will try to show you how to handle it, so hang in there.  Do not give in.  I NEVER wILL.