I would like to know how people process the foreign languages in their heads especially when they talk.

From my own experience, it seems to be true that you create something like a new language channel in your head in the process of language learning and use it when necessary.

I am not sure what other people are doing when they build sentences in foreign languages,  but I think I am ‘throwing words into the mathematical formulas that are being converted to words. So it is like throwing words into  words, but what I am trying to say is that I don’t think I am just gathering words to build sentences.

I wonder if anyone would understand what I am trying to say… if the same thing was happening in everyone’s head, it would be useful information for the learners, but I am not so sure if that is the case.

One thing I am sure is that the formulas of Japanese(the language) is far more complicated than English(and perhaps a lot other languages), so if you are capable of dealing with Japanese, it must be a good sign enough of being able to handle other languages as well.

This is going to be long and nobody wants to read it, so will write the rest some other time.

Have a nice day.