When I was looking at Adam&Eve on the painting, a beautiful person started to talk to me.

I didn’t respond very well being too surprised.

This small incident happened in 2016 and I still think of it sometimes.  I don’t know why… but you sometimes feel ‘We might have become good friends.’ even with a stranger.  You never know how you meet your soulmates, either.

Speaking of soulmates or the past life connection,  a well known clairvoyant once said to me, ’ Someone wrote a waltz for you in your past life and that exact piece still does exist in this world.’  It was almost like a tear of joy moment for me.  I mean how romantic it is that some wrote a musical piece for you!  Nobody can prove if it is true or not, but it just makes my heart sing just by thinking about it.  The only people who have musical talent in my  family are my dad and my sister, so one of them might have done so in the past life for me, but you never know.  You might just bump into the person (soulmate) on the street.


This is a year of change for me, so next time I will have a small chat with a person who talks to me…. if that was this exact person who talked to me near Adam&Eve…. I have encountered ‘trolls coming out of the computer’ situations way too many times last year and I don’t want them  to follow me on the streets, but I think you can tell if you met someone who had that much of significance in the past.