I saw a lady introducing the book she wrote on TV.  The title of her book was …

‘ Be a woman who gets chosen.’

I don’t know which areas of life she is talking about in the book.  Career?  or Relationship?

I cat tell this book would create lots of unhappy women because the reality is that you sometimes get chosen and other times don’t regardless of what you do.  That is life.

So a girl reads this book and follows everything the book says.  It’s nice if she gets chosen, but what if she doesn’t?   I really don’t think it covers that possibility.  So she has to look for another book similar to this till she gets chosen?

Here are my questions.  If it is about the relationship, why do you have to use your energy for a person or people who might not even choose you?  Isn’t it more important to try to become a person whom you want to become regardless of being chosen or otherwise?

If it is about the career, isn’t it best to do things because you like to do so, believe in yourself and show what you’ve got rather than try to be chosen?

Isn’t it better to try to become a woman who can choose?

All energies should be saved for the one who’s chosen you and whom you’ve chosen.