Thank you for not having the box to put me in.

Thank you for trusting me in every decision I make.

Thank you for not saying a single bad thing about dad all through my life even after a huge argument.  You are the one who made dad a hero of my life.

Thank you for showing me how a big hearted woman acts in all kinds of situations.

Thank you for directing my mind to the right head space by saying ‘You don’t have to judge yourself. Let people judge whether you are suited to the position or not and just do your best.’

Thank you for being you.  After you talked with my teacher about my bad test result (or something) when I was in high school, all you said to me was that my teacher had a terrible taste on his tie and you didn’t believe it.  I still don’t know what ‘it’ meant, but whatever it was, I think you were right.

Thank you for letting me handle a strange person all on my own at the age of 5 or 6.  When you sent me to buy some milk to the nearest super market, there was this cashier who always told me ‘ One million yen in total, thank you.’  The first time she said it to me, I said ‘ I don’t have enough, so will come back later.’ and ran home.  You were laughing but I was infuriated at you not knowing why you were laughing.  So you sent me there again all by myself.  I decided to say nothing but hello to the cashier and pass the purse to her instead of  money, so that I didn’t have to respond to what she was telling me.  She had to say ‘ One million yen, please.’ again, but this magic purse approach worked.  (Everything I took to this cashier was always one million yen as if it was a very expensive a dollar store.)  I always had to come up with my own ‘magic  something approach’ because you just made me handle the situations on my own!


Thank you for being my rock, mom.

You rock🤘