Ms. Blue

One of my sister’s friends used to have a boy friend called Dr. Red Pen.

What happened was that one day my sister’s friend found that her boy friend had been reading her diary.

How did she find that out?

He had corrected all the mis spellings and the wrong characters with the red pen.

That is how.

I couldn’t breathe laughing too much when I heard the story and it would be safe to say after the things I have experienced as well..

that the weirdo…actually… is…

all around.

( Just like the opening scene from my favorite film, Love actually.  In the film, it is Love that is supposed to be all around us, though.)

My sister’s friends call him Dr. Red Pen just as he almost asked for it.

So Dr. Red Pen made his girl friend a little Ms.Blue.

What advice would you give to Ms. Blue?

If it was me,

I would have turned Ms. Blue into…

Ms. Blue Ink.

Not just Blue Ink.

Ms. Magic Blue Ink.