What do you believe?

If someone asks you, ‘What do you believe?’, how would you answer

to that question?

I didn’t fully know what I believed in life before, but now I know.

I believe two things.

I believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally.

I believe if we help each other, we can all survive or make the situations better.

Most of my actions and reactions come from these beliefs,

and now understand  that I have sometimes been in a trouble

because of those actions and reactions.

For sometime, I have been thinking how I could apply these beliefs to my work.

As a self-employed person, making a profit on my small business has been

an important matter, but it has never been a goal for me.

Unless it is beneficial for everyone, I wouldn’t like to go through the tasks

that don’t seem to be small at all when you know there are people who are

trying to distract your progress or interfare with your life constantly.

I won’t quit.  Yes, I know I am annoying for some people,

but I won’t quit because I still believe this is what I am supposed to do

and you never know where the help comes from.  Like in my case,

being able to post articles in English seems to have been a tremendous

help.  It has almost saved my life..(Thank you, secret supporters.)

So I would like everyone to improve English.  Everyone, I mean

everyone.  When not everyone has an internet access,

‘the service for everyone’ is not for everyone even if it is free.

My mind has been going round and round thinking:

“I am going to create one open class for everyone (who understands

Japanese and who would like to learn English)→→but not everyone

has an internet access→→better than nothing→→you are not treating

everyone fairly and equally.  →→Can kids at the orphanages  join?

(They are the main people I would like to provide the free service to ) →→

Class for everyone isn’t class for everyone if they can’t join in…”

I still do not know how to do it.  Perhaps you need to take one step at

a time.

Anyhow, once a week open class for the basic conversation will begin

when it begins.  ;  )

Do you have any idea how to make it ‘a class for everyone’?













I have E.T. on my bicycle.

So I can not get ‘ I have E.T. on my bicycle.'(part of lyrics from coldplay’s new album)

out of my head and have been thinking when you could use this line in everyday life.

For example, when you feel intimidated by something or someone,

you might feel broken but you could perhaps tell yourself ‘I have E.T. on my bicycle.’

or shout that at people who intimidate you.

Example2, when your friend cry, cry, cries, you could softly say,

‘ Hey, guess what?  I have E.T. on my bicycle.’  I would feel happier

if anyone said it to me, when I need a friend.  Maybe, only old friends could use this line.

Example3,  when your daddy asks you why you haven’t done your homework yet,

you could say, ‘ I have E.T. on my bicycle.’  Example4, when you feel like a champion

of the world, you could say, “Because ‘I have E.T. on my bicycle.'”

If the person or people responded saying, ‘….. What?’, listen to him/her/them

carefully till the end of the sentence because it is possible for him/her/them to say,

‘….What…….. is E.T.?’  depending on their age and nationalities.

Anyhow, you could use that line in many occasions.

P.S.  How many song titles from coldplay’s new album have you found on this page?  ; )

They are all great songs.

Good night!



Coldplay is Goldplay forever!

‘I have E.T. on my bicycle’ is the best line for me

from the new album.

I mean what could go wrong with ‘E.T. on your bicycle’?

I would like a bike that has got E.T. preattached in the basket

even if the basket could never be used for other purpose than carrying E.T. around.