I have E.T. on my bicycle.

So I can not get ‘ I have E.T. on my bicycle.'(part of lyrics from coldplay’s new album)

out of my head and have been thinking when you could use this line in everyday life.

For example, when you feel intimidated by something or someone,

you might feel broken but you could perhaps tell yourself ‘I have E.T. on my bicycle.’

or shout that at people who intimidate you.

Example2, when your friend cry, cry, cries, you could softly say,

‘ Hey, guess what?  I have E.T. on my bicycle.’  I would feel happier

if anyone said it to me, when I need a friend.  Maybe, only old friends could use this line.

Example3,  when your daddy asks you why you haven’t done your homework yet,

you could say, ‘ I have E.T. on my bicycle.’  Example4, when you feel like a champion

of the world, you could say, “Because ‘I have E.T. on my bicycle.'”

If the person or people responded saying, ‘….. What?’, listen to him/her/them

carefully till the end of the sentence because it is possible for him/her/them to say,

‘….What…….. is E.T.?’  depending on their age and nationalities.

Anyhow, you could use that line in many occasions.

P.S.  How many song titles from coldplay’s new album have you found on this page?  ; )

They are all great songs.

Good night!


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