African voices:Change makers

African voices: Changemakers is my favorite program on CNN.

It features innovative people from different areas and educates us

their ways of doing things and it also introduces regular places such as shops,

schools, streets, national parks etc. a little bit.

I love this program so much.

So far, the seedball project↑ by Teddy Kinyanjui is my most favorite.

The video clip is being cut short, but on TV, he and his staff were at a elementary

school with huge bags of seedballs, handing seedballs out to lots and lots of children.

When he was handing them out, he was saying,

” Enjoy planting trees.”  ” Think like trees.”

Then I thought, “Think like trees?”

His words stayed in my mind, and I have been thinking… ” How?”

” I have never been a tree, but how would I think if I were a tree?

what would I say if I were a tree?”

The other day, I came across this beautiful song.

This is the song I would sing if I were a tree.

(“Don’t give up on me” Andy Grammer with PS22 Chorus)  Sooo beautiful.

This song is one of my most favorite songs of this year, too.